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Hunter and Cossack; Mercenaries for Hire

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Hunter and Cossack; Mercenaries for Hire Empty Hunter and Cossack; Mercenaries for Hire

Post  Hunter and Cossack on Sun Jan 23, 2011 3:56 pm

Hello members of the COP, I am Hunter. My brother Cossack and I are, as you can tell, mercenaries for hire. We are offering our services to you, and willing to pledge our allegiance to you also. But, if the COP do not our assistance in your war with the United Nations of Earth, we will pledge our allegiance with them. Furthermore, we have our own supply of weapons of war, and so do not need the COP's assistance in that matter. We wait on your reply, Hunter and Cossack (Robbi) Oh, please excuse us if we have placed this in the wrong thread.

Hunter and Cossack

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